Happy Dogs Don’t Bark at Clouds

Daily posts’ writing challenge this week was flash fiction. I thought this was interesting since my assignment for my Creative Non-Fiction class was to write a flash non-fiction piece.  Why not try both?  So here is my attempt!

Happy dogs - samoyed

The quiet weighed on her. The wind frightened her. She’d never minded either before Henry passed. Their country retreat had always been just that, a retreat. The wind sighing through the shelter belt had always soothed before. Now she found herself starting at the slightest breeze.

A flash of white arrested her lazy survey of the trees framing the garden. She picked up the trowel she’d just relinquished and searched the shadows more deeply. The white blob moved haltingly, unbalanced. Two black eyes and a nose became distinguishable from the mane of white being ruffled by the wind.

A few steps closer explained the curious movement. Cruel black talons disturbed the soft white fur of the animal’s left foreleg and streaked it with red. The dog dropped to its belly six feet away. She stretched out her hand, palm up. The dog lay there looking up at her with clouded eyes. Exchanging the trowel for clippers she moved closer.

As she approached his side, he turned his head and feebly licked her glove-covered hand. Resting one hand on his side, she used the other to find the loosest part of the barbed wire. Leaning against him slightly, she worked the clippers into his fur and snipped one cord, then another, and another. With each snap she felt the dog shudder but he remained still, trusting as only animals can do.

Samoyed smile

Samoyed Smile

Two weeks later the wind nearly bowled her over as she brought a bowl of food out to the porch. She couldn’t see dog and panicked for a moment, sure that something was wrong. Then she heard the barking. She scanned the horizon and saw him romping through the overgrown grasses behind the house jumping at the wind. She laughed as he turned and came racing toward her – Happy.


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