Zona Colonial – Santo Domingo

mapa del ciudad colonial

Paseo El Conde is the Zona Colonial Walking Street. This gives a mini-map of the historic district.

The Zona Colonial is Santo Domingo’s historic heart and cultural center. It’s also quite touristy, and therefore relatively safe. I took a “guagua” down by myself to meet up with the group as I had what turned out to be a “not-so-mandatory” meeting the morning they left. That afternoon we toured the Biblioteca Infantil y Juvenil (I’ll add more info in a later post), Casa CIEE Santo Domingo, then enjoyed a cena (dinner) with Carolina Contreras – owner of Miss Rizos Salon and her roommate. Later, a few of us explored a bit of SD’s more chill nightlife at spots such as Parque Duarte and Falafel. On Saturday we had an enlightening walking tour of the Zona Colonial – expertly guided by Rudi, then lunch and tiempo libre until the guaguas returned us to Santiago. This was just a glimpse of all that SD has to offer, so I’ll include mostly pictures here.  Hopefully, I’ll return to Santo Domingo later during my stay and therefore will have more to offer. Enjoy the “gallery”! 




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