Write by step

Framing the view

Framing the view

If by chance you’ve stumbled on my blog at some point in the past, you might now notice a title change.  I debated creating a new blog, but feel like I need to have at least one blog that survives for longer than a period.  So, just as people change and grow, writing can too.

For the next ten weeks or so, I’m going to be intentional about writing in a forum that may be read.  I now have 4 graduate creative writing classes under my belt and am beginning to actually tentatively think of myself as a writer.  Although I’m not sure exactly what kind of writer that is yet.

The professor of the class I’m currently taking has begun a list of what writers “do”.   The top two were “Writers Write” and “Writers Read”.  Well, I have the reading down, but haven’t been especially good at the writing part. Sure, I’ve written journals off and on since I was a teen, and several random calendar -10 week challengestory starts, even a poem or two, but nothing regularly, nothing for “public” consumption, at least nothing so far.

A discussion with a dear, amazingly creative friend about our current turmoil with jobs led to a 10-week creating challenge.  For this week, my task was to set the parameters and kick-start the task.

Therefore, readers, here we go.

Frequency: One post per week (for starters)

Duration:  One hour of writing each week for 10 weeks.

Inspiration:  Daily prompts from WordPress site, or a news item of the day.

Genre: I think I’ll leave this open. Since it’s a practice challenge, I’ll try to vary the genre. Fiction, non-fiction, poetry, etc.

Ready? Enjoy the ride!






The beginning

Hello All,

I am starting this blog as a foray into reflective teaching as I will have my first substantial teaching experience beginning this August. I am halfway through the MA/TESOL program at Monterey Institute of International Studies in Monterey, CA and in many of our classes we have talked about reflective teaching so I thought a blog might be a good environment to explore that idea a bit. I’m also curious to see how it works into the idea of developing a community of practice.

I’ll probably keep this fairly restricted as to availability at first, but as I gain more confidence and feel that there may be call for a broader field of interest I may open it up a bit more. For now it will hopefully be a repository for the variety of experiences I have as well as hopefully a place to examine and develop lessons learned. Whatever the case, I hope it may prove helpful and I’ll look forward to any feedback.

Ciao for now but welcome to the journey…